Civil War Sound Group UPDATE

This was a busy week for the group. We explored what type of map we wanted to use for the project and how we would get it. The group considered more carefully the connection between 19th century language and locating place and time at the Battle of Gettysburg.  We crafted a letter to the moderators and archivist of the database we are using to make it easier for us to navigate and organize the search results. Myrna, as the outreach coordinator has reached out to the Brooklyn Historical Society, Professor Ari Kelman of Battle Lines, and an expert with ArcGIS. She also looked into getting in touch with historians at Fort Wardsworth. Anastasiya began to seek out larger connections to other DH projects dealing with sound and listening. Other tasks included to continue to work on and complete the sound corpus for use in scraping the database and smoothing out larger outreach efforts, including building a website, clearing up issues with twitter and Github.