Civil War Sound Group Update

This week we made significant progress on the project. Suffice it to say we are in the home stretch and just have to put the pieces of our project together. First, the geo-rectified image, though not perfect, was uploaded to arcgis online. This allows us to put the map notes containing the sound event, hearer, quote, bibliographic information, image and video onto the map and start the project in earnest. We are currently combing through our concordance list to winnow it down and select the sources we can use on the map. We also discovered how to create time sensitive maps; we will most likely do this part of the map on a small scale with two or three sources at most. We also know that our present website, Weebly and ArcGIS are compatible. Another piece of good news. The script is complete and posted on Github. All that remains is to create the master list and to put the map notes on the map itself.