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The Lexicon of DH

The Lexicon of DH Slides

I spoke to Mary Catherine Kinniburgh who gave the Lexicon of DH workshop with Patrick Sweeney and asked her if I could post it on our page, and she said it was okay to do so.

As I mentioned in class yesterday, I am a visual person.  I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel to know the where, the what, and mostly the how.  Going to this workshop and the way that Mark Catherine and Patrick gave the workshop, helped myself and other classmates see that light as to how we will be able to prepare our data sets and prepare for our final projects.

On a personal note, it helped me understand the past readings better and also as I was preparing for yesterday’s class, I could understand the readings on mapping with a new visual perspective.  As I read, I thought of what digital tools would I use to do that.  For me, this is progress.

Good luck with your data sets and projects.