Relavent Readings For This Week

Hi All,

Here’s two articles relevant to some of our class discussions thus far. The first, Five Ideas for Digital Labor History, is a short piece by Tobias Higbie, Associate Professor in History at UCLA, in which he presents five ideas that labor historians can engage with DH. The second article, Laboring Wikipedia, follows up on Higbie’s use of Wikipedia as a class project for students to engage and collaborate in course materials. As a final class project that replaces the traditional term paper, students from his upper division labor history lecture create/edit Wikipedia entries on topics relevant to the class. Some things he highlights included project process, student experience, and future changes.


3 thoughts on “Relavent Readings For This Week

  1. Lisa Hirschfield

    These are both nicely illustrative of how DH can be put into practice. I know the Wikipedia “hackathons” are being done more frequently now – in last year’s DH class as well – but this description makes it clear what such a thing can involve and include, beyond editing pages. The ideas for doing DH labor history are also really neat. I know that’s not a critically acceptable term but I don’t know what else to call it!

    1. Lisa Hirschfield

      I meant to add that the section on “liberating” texts in public domain or that aren’t easily accessible is a great idea. Both in that it embodies some of the collectivist philosophy underlying the labor movement, and treats texts as entities that deserve to be read and available to anyone.

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