Fashion History meets Digital Humanities

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I’m uploading a post from the blog Historic Dress that reflects on the relationship can exist between Fashion and Digital Humanities. It’s about a contribution that Historic Dress co-conspirator Jon Berndt Olsen gave to University of Massachusetts Amherst for the new First-Year seminar, “From Cotton to Kevlar: Fashion History meets Digital Humanities.”
I needed to post this because sometime I lose track of how DH can me interesting in every field of reality, especially mine. What’s DH’s impact in areas where it is not immediately connected?

The aim of this reading is  to try out some ideas that animate Historic Dress while also introducing students to digital approaches to humanities research and interpretation.

From Cotton to Kevlar: Fashion History Meets Digital Humanities


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  1. Kevin L. Ferguson

    Interesting project. I randomly clicked through the Omeka collection and couldn’t help think of Posner et al.’s criticism from last week when I saw that one of the ways they marked up each item was to give it a “gender.” At first I thought this seems a problematic category for inanimate textiles, but then wondered how fashion studies might want or need to include information about a garment or object’s cultural gender.

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