Social Justice and the Digital Humanities

Hey all,

Just ran across a site that might be of interest to those interested in postcolonial, or more generally, social justice approaches to DH. Social Justice and the Digital Humanities is a site that emerged from one of the courses at HILT 2015 (Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching). The three-day intensive course combined theory and praxis, similar to our class. Discussions included questions about: access, material conditions, method, ontologies and epistemologies. I like that much of the content are questions, followed by further readings/references. It also included a list of DH projects with a social justice approach in mind.

One project I thought was pretty cool is Map of Native American Tribes . Aron Carapella, a self-taught mapmaker, mapped out original names and locations of native american tribes before their contact with Europeans. This transformed the entire makeup of how we visualize the map of the United States.

I also found out about #transformdh, “an academic guerrilla movement seeking to (re)define capital-letter Digital Humanities as a force for transformative scholarship by collecting, sharing, and highlighting projects that push at its boundaries and work for social justice, accessibility, and inclusion”