New Cool DH Tool

I subscribe to the American Antiquarian Society blog Past is Present, and I receive all sorts of wonderful things in the emails from them.

After two years of DH development under the guidance of a DH fellow – Molly O’Hagan Hardy – the AAS now has a dedicated DH curator (same person) and an official DH component of their mission, which means (I hope) that even more of their resources will be available to lay-antiquarians like me who cannot slog up to Worcester, MA and noodle around in the archives just for kicks.

Their image archives are especially fun to peruse, and they offer a wealth of resources under the Digital AAS banner.

Anyway, this MARC records conversion tutorial just fell over the transom of my inbox, and I think it could be a very useful tool for one or some of us, if not now, then in the future. Putting your data into a CSV format opens up many possibilities, including data visualizations.