Highly Recommend

On Wednesday, October 27th, I attended The Lexicon of Digital Humanities workshop. It was great. The fellows, Mary-Catherine and Patrick, were professional, helpful, and, obviously, very knowledgeable in the subject area. What I liked most and did not expect was the interactive atmosphere during the workshop. It is easier to focus in the classroom after a long workday if you are an active participant rather than a passive recipient. During The Lexicon of Digital Humanities we were introduced to a number of tools. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to explore them. Nevertheless, I found it helpful. At the DH seminars we are asked to search for tools and describe them, but it is rather hard to decide what exactly you want to work on having opened DIRT. At the workshop, the fellows showed us what was available and gave us time look into what seemed interesting. That way, I discovered Neatline, a few days before opening the homework page:). Now I am considering it as the essential part of my data project.

The Lexicon of Digital Humanities workshop delivered a huge amount of information in a very short time span to a full classroom of participants. I cannot speak for everybody, but it is unlikely someone felt left out. The digital fellows get A+.