Unix/Linux Command Reference Workshop

Okay, so I was originally supposed to go to the Text Encoding workshop this past Tuesday, but there was a mixup with the rooms, so I ended up in the Command Reference workshop. Although this really won’t be of any use to me in my future projects (or maybe it will, I won’t speak too soon) it was good to about this entire program in my computer (Terminal) that’s basically a command center for everything that goes on in it. I was told that through Terminal, I can use commands that go above and beyond the basic commands that you are prompted to do on a Mac. For example, if I wanted to clear out some files that weren’t being cleared the traditional route I could go into Terminal, put in a specific file command and it would be gone. Also, you can make “directories” within Terminal that can then be exported as PDFs and/or HTML codes. It was really interesting, but definitely something you have to work with consistently as the commands and codes seem to be endless. I’ll be looking forward to attending another workshop where we work on the command screens.