Data set project

I finally got a plan for my data set project and if all goes well with testing I will have created something that will be informative.  My data set will focus on the homeless street population in NYC, using a CartoDB map.  I want to tell the story of homeless people, and how many live on the street.  I believe using maps will help illustrate the widespread dilemma of homelessness, as well as showing the various parts of the city, and where they  live.  Later for my final project, I will be using my commons webpage to show how many women, men, and children are living in shelters, in conjunction with the homeless population that live on the street.

The reason I chose homelessness is that many people do not realize how easy it is to become homeless,  take it for granted, and judge people for being homeless, when not really knowing how and why.  I hope this will at least make people think about how this has become society’s problem and not just the individual’s.