Charting Fashion Diversity #3

After the suggestion made by our Digital Fellows last week, the group worked on methodology. To continue the project we needed to find 10 designers where clearly we could have analyzed fashion diversity. We started from what we considered relevant in the fashion editorial area, but we understood that the primary source in this choice has to be found and clarified.
We contacted Eugenia Paulicelli, Fashion Studies program’s coordinator, about the sources to ask her clarifications about the topic and about the sources.
The group met with Tessa Maffucci, Fashion Studies’ colleague and creator of last year’s fashion project. We discussed about social media platforms to support our project and to communicate our goals, and about the path they followed in the collection of data and in the visualization process.

We came up with ideas for the website’s layout and solutions for the graph’s production; we are very excited about the choices we made about the design. Sequences of images, for every designer we picked, to give the impression of the runway show.

We also started or manual collection of data, splitting some of the designers in a to-do list on Basecamp, and analyzing the models selection. Grouping them together will allow another step toward the final goal. The group started contacting people who could support the project’s aim, with interviews – Bethann Hardison  for example – images, articles, etc.


Nicola Certo