Scarlett Newman update 3

This week we’re able to meet with Tessa Maffucci, a fellow DH/Fashion Studies candidate who participated in the NYC Fashion Index project last year. Tessa has been a great resource for us and filled us in with a lot of “do’s and don’ts” as we further our projects. We also got a lot of great technical suggestions and advice from her. Our tasks this week included recording show rosters on spreadsheets, so taking the name down of every model who walked in a show . This week I did that for Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. I was able to access all of the models on Having a lot of information on models in one place is a great resource. I look forward to our group discussions this week. We always learn, or come up with something really cool. We’re also trying to get in touch with former model and founder of the Diversity Coalition, Bethann Hardison. The Diversity Coalition’s initiative is to combat racism/discrimination on the runway.