Personal Update!

This week I continued to work on outreach for the group. Luckily, Matt Daniels, one of the co-creators of POLY-GRAPH agreed to meet with us sometime this week to give us some guidance on the digital aspect of our project. He, like most of the fellows, warned us how contentious our project is & how difficult it is to qualify people of color. We knew this going into the project, and the purpose is not to come up with our own qualifications, it’s to observe how the industry does and does not qualify them. I don’t have high hopes about getting model statistics from agencies or casting directors, but I’m going to try up until the deadline we set for ourselves. At this point I’m banking on the fact that we might have to re-route our project.

I also set up the twitter account @skindeepNYFW for the group. I think it’s important that we have a social media presence to share thoughts, articles and updates centered around our project. We’ll be tweeting with the official hashtag for the class, but I think it’ll be cool to come up with a hashtag of our own for people outside of the classroom to be able to engage with the project.