SKINDEEP Group Report

The main goal for this week was to complete the data collection. It’s important for us to do that in order to move forward in the creation of the actual graph and website. We are going to meet Tuesday before class with Matt Daniels, creator of Polygraph. He offered to help us in the creation of the graph that will show the diversity we have been studying.

We managed to contact all the modeling agencies we needed and they started responding. It’s going to be a slower process, but some of them as already responded with interest in the project and some informations about the models.

We completed our images database, with the images from the runway shows that will appear moving on the website. We are now designing some possible structures, colors and the logo will be ready soon. As already said the WordPress website is ready and the Twitter account is active.

We are in this moment in which we really have to wait agencies’ responses to complete our data collection.

Nicola Certo