David Campmier Personal Post

This week, as I wrote in the group post, was difficult. The results from working with the archive, at first blush, were not ideal. It doesn’t seem like 175 sources will be enough but, after talking with the group,, at this stage, that those may be enough for the final presentation at the end of the semester. Talking with the ARCGIS experts was a mixed bag. What I understood is that ARCGIS has the tools and the capabilities to make our project possible. However, to do that it may take more time than we have in the semester, Moreover, one of the experts we met suggested that we create a story map, one with multiple, clean maps, with a serious emphasis on a written narrative explaining our narratives like a chapter book. This is not how I imagined, or even sketched out the project initially. If, however, we are pressed for time this looks like to be a good option. This experts also questioned what we intend to do with sound; she was not convinced about how we were thinking about sound’s place on the battlefield, specifically how sound may influence decisions or create contingency during battle. This critique needs some serious thought and reflection. I am not sure, as of right now, if we should change course.