WordPress II Workshop

I went to the WordPress II Workshop last night. The workshop was helpful in assisting me refresh some of the things I’ve learned about WordPress in the past. A couple of things we gone over included: Categories, custom menus, pages vs. posts, widgets, plugins, and CSS. I thought the CSS aspect was really interesting. And I’m planning to attend the Advanced WordPress Workshop next Monday to learn more about it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “WordPress II Workshop

  1. Sara Deniz Akant

    Good to know. As I wrote in a recent post, I really want to know how to use WordPress for my own teaching. I’m hoping the “Advanced” class will not be too advanced for me… I still don’t know about the widgets, plug-ins, or CSS…

    Should I try to make it to the Advanced Workshop, or just hope that they run these WordPress workshops next semester?

    I know its important to learn WordPress regardless of teaching, but teaching with it is my main goal for now, and I won’t teach again until next Fall… hm.

    1. Maple Wu Post author

      Hi Sara. Hmm, well it seems like in the advanced workshop they’re going to go over CSS, plugins, and analytics. It is recommended that you already know about things like dashboard, themes, and custom menu before attending this workshop. I think you’d be fine if you’ve already been using WordPress and want to learn how to use it more effectively in teaching and a classroom setting. Just in case, here’s the description for the “Advanced” workshop:

      In this workshop, you will learn more about customizing your WordPress site and assess its impact. If you have knowledge of WordPress (i.e., you are comfortable with the dashboard, know what themes and widgets are, and can create a custom menu), but you want to make your site more personalized, or analyze the viewership, this workshop is for you. By taking this workshop, you will be able to: Use plugins to add functionality to your site (almost anything you can imagine), Add custom CSS to over-ride the theme defaults, and customize your site to exactly how you would like it to appear, and Install analytics to understand how visitors use your site and the demographics you are reaching. This workshop will be most beneficial if you already have a WordPress site established on the CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY WebServices, or Open CUNY.


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