WordPress Workshop

Last Monday night I went to my second WordPress workshop.  I have been going to a lot of workshops for this class, and by far I found WordPress and Lexicon the most informative.  Monday night was part II and since I had already created a web page on commons, this workshop reinforced what I learned in part I.  What we learned was how to customize a menu, create widgets, and the fact that I can create my own theme page is awesome.  Also, I was really interested in learning about plugins, since I had no idea what they were about, and now I know that plugins are really essential for any website.  Looking forward to using these tools for my final project.

Everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving….


1 thought on “WordPress Workshop

  1. Sara Deniz Akant

    Aha – As someone who regrettably missed this workshop, your post about what you learned on Monday is helpful. I managed to convince myself that, since I had used WordPress in teaching before, I could just wait for the “Advanced” class next week. But I don’t know what plug-ins are! And they have recently come up in my data project. Its useful to know what was covered that I would have benefitted from in particular. The answer might just be to go to more workshops… the “series” model seems particularly useful (WordPress I, WordPress II, WordPress III, etc)

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