Airplane Crash Info

At Github I came across a dataset about plane crashes. Even though it is not something I am passionate about (in fact, I hope to not think too much about it while flying next time), the data raised my curiosity. At Accident Database they provide information about airplane accidents since 1921 till 2015. I was not sure how to verify this data. What I did was selecting a few random plane crashes and looking them up online. It worked, those calamities really happened.

It is hard to predict what questions I will be able to ask and answer once my data is ready to use. They say, the more you work on it the more correlations you see. For now, I have noticed that the number of airplane accidents during in 1945 does not differ much from from the one in 1957. Looking at the data closer revealed that almost all the airplane crashes documented in 1945 happened to the military planes, which means the regular ones weren’t flying because of World War II. Actually, my data set provides info on military plane crashes with more than 10 people aboard. One can only imagine how many small airplanes were destroyed.

With this being said, l am going back to working on my slides.

May we stay safe!