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I see everyone is having issues with either their datasets or cartodb.  I  had problems syncing my excel data with cartodb.  The free version has limited features like you stated Maple, so as far as layers are concerned its a dead issue.  Since I wasn’t able to sync I had to manually put the data onto the map I created.  Yesterday when I realized that I had to put in 56 street names on the map, I thought about switching, using something else, but that too proved to be fruitless.  Hopefully the website for final project will be easier to maneuver.. Good luck ladies…

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  1. Michael W. Handis

    I was also going to use cartoDB for my project. I was going to plot 10 ancient Roman libraries that still have extant ruins. On a map of the Roman Empire, I was going to plot all the cities of the empire that were known to have ancient libraries. The 10 that have ruins were also going to be on a modern map and by clicking on them, you could see what those ruins actually look like today.

    However, cartoDB has problems, as Maple and Juana have pointed out. I don’t want to temporarily upgrade from the free cartoDB to the full site and then downgrade after I finish. I am not sure how I want to proceed, or with what software.

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