New Data Set

Hi everyone. As you know, I was going to work on the Indian boarding schools project. Unfortunately, I was not able to find data. All the people/libraries/organizations I contacted were very responsive, but regrettably, the information they provided was scarce. It turned out, I could not work on this project, because there was NO data to use/rely on. I have watched videos where Native Americans express their frustration about being the third generation of boarding school raised people, so I presumed that maybe I could track down at least a few families, but even that was not feasible. This kind of information is private. Do not misunderstand me, the information I need exists, but I would have to go to Washington DC to obtain it (most likely, no one even comprised it into a data set yet). I honestly did not expect this turn of events. To fight back frustration, I started to look for ideas in other people’s posts. That is how I learned Kat Vecchio found her data set on Github. So, I started browsing.

To be continued