Data Presentation: Neologisms in Two Manuscripts

For my dataset project, I eventually used a combination of – – – Voyant Tools, Sublime Text, and Excel – – – to generate / visualize the words that DO NOT appear in the dictionary (based on a list of words from the MacAir file) – that is, “neologisms” in two manuscripts of my own poetry: PARADES (a 48 pg chapbook, about 4000 words total, fall 2014), & BABETTE (a 100 pg book, about 5500 words total, fall 2015).

The process looked like this :

  • Voyant Tools (to generate word frequencies in manuscripts)
  • Sublime Text (to generate plain text and CSV files)
  • Excel (to compare words in manuscript to words in dictionary)
  • (& back to) Voyant Tools (to generate word clouds with new data set)
  • (& back to) Excel (to generate column graphs with new data set)


Here are the results for neologisms that occur more than once in each manuscript, in 4 images :





PARADES NEOLOGISM GRAPHPARADES column graph (screen shot)


BABETTE NEOLOGISM GRAPHBABETTE column graph (screen shot)


What did I learn about the manuscripts from comparing their use of neologisms this way?

  1. Contrary to what I thought, I actually used MORE neologisms in Babette than I did in Parades
  2. The nature of the neologisms I used in each manuscript (do they sound like Latin, like a “real” word in English, like a “part of a word” in English, or like an entirely different thing altogether?)
  3. … SINCE I actually only finished creating these visualizations today (!) this kind of “interpretation” is much to be continued!


I ALSO tried to visualize the “form” (shape on the page) of the poems in each manuscript using IMAGE J – here are a few images and animations from my experiments with PARADES (you have to click on the links to get the animations… not sure they will work if IMAGE J isn’t downloaded) :

MIN_parades images

parades image J sequence parades images projection image j 2

Projection of MIN_parades

Projection of parades

Projection of Projection parades min z Projection of SUM_Projection

parades min v

SUM_Projection of MIN_parades