Examples of Project Websites

Great dataset presentations today!

A few of you asked me questions after class about the final project option 3, creating a website analyzing two data sets. I hope the guidelines we gave today will be helpful, but I also want to make sure that if you pick that option you understand the scope of the project: it is much more involved than just cleaning up your dataset project. It is not just presenting data in graphical form or visualizing it using a tool, but rather asking and answering questions of two related data sets in order to create some new knowledge or insight about your topic.

To give a sense, here are some examples of what I would consider to be successful website projects (from a DH 101 class at UCLA; these are undergraduates, but they’re working in teams):

Elf Yelp
Project Chop Suey
Exploring Andean Pottery
Getty’s Provenance Data

1 thought on “Examples of Project Websites

  1. Sara Deniz Akant

    Hey Kevin – These websites look elaborate! Lots of research + site building skills; good to know I couldn’t make one by the end of the semester even if I wanted to.

    I wonder if you could also post examples of final project proposals (the 1st option) – did students do these last year? Maybe not, since I checked the Fall 2014 blog. Still, I’m just wondering what form a “proposal” might take…

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