Necropolis – Group Post #2

During our last meeting we have identified more concretely our future steps to get the project done. Here listed the most important aspects:

  1. We shared all the information we gathered during the previous week
  2. After discussing the pros and cons, we have selected two potential cemeteries for the project: Shearith Israel (with 3 but small burial grounds all in Manhattan) and Prospect Cemetery in Jamaica, Queens (one site but bigger).
  3. With a very useful brainstorming we have identified the major categories of information we would like to gather and display on the website/project:
    1. Biographic details on people buried (names, dates, age, photo, epigraphy)
    2. Geolocation of the graves
      1. Identify technology needed
      2. rent a device
    3. Environment (cemetery, surroundings)
    4. Historical data
  4. We have developed a very rough calendar for the future
    1. 1st phase – Planning
      1. Contacting potential partner
      2. Find out what they have
      3. Visit the site
    2. 2nd phase – Research
      1. Create database
      2. Polishing data
    3. 3rd phase – Development
      1. Design project and its component
      2. Development
    4. 4th phase – Launch
  5. Division of tasks (keep evolving)
    1. Conn -> outreaching
    2. Lisa -> presentation and contacts, general manager
    3. Davide -> group post, research
    4. Taylor -> research on theoretical structure and design

Since Tuesday we have already received a few important news. Shearith Israel’s representatives seemed very welcoming and open to our propositions, which were very well phrased by Conn who also sent us many very instructive images of the Shearith Israel and Prospect sites. In addition, he is in contact with the Queens Historical Society and he received encouraging news also on the data available for the Prospect Cemetery in Queens.
Things are moving and you all will have a more concrete sense of the project next week with the very well-developed Lisa’s presentation.