Diversity in NYFW (Group Post #2)

During last Week 4’s class session, our group presented to the class our project’s premise, team, and tentative project phases. We are grateful to have met with GC Digital Fellow Jennifer Tang during class, whose questions and observations regarding our project presentation helped us begin to establish more deliberate steps in collecting initial data and better articulate our project’s critical direction.

Before we can begin to analyze model data, we had to create a strategy for selecting the designers who employed these models according to how often a designer was covered during the most recent New York Fashion Week that occurred between February 11 – 18, 2016, by fashion magazines carrying weight in the industry. Between the three of us, we split up nine fashion magazines and created a To-do list on Basecamp to verify our progress. Designers covered have been collected on a Google spreadsheet inside of a shared Google folder on Google Drive.

Shoutout to Nico for making contact with a primary source for past NYFW data and to Scarlett for organizing a meeting with a group member from the New York City Fashion Index (NYCFI).

Alison Boldero