Nicola Certo, update #2

As we discussed last week, main goal this week was to focus on the collection of data. We work together to be effective, so I started to get in touch with Fashion Spot, to get information about some graphs they were showing, with percentages for fashion diversities during NYFW16.

It’s going to be manual but from what I was able to understand, agencies guarantee the access to their data in some situations, for articles and information online, so we could have the chance to ask to people with already prepared sheets.

I’m trying to design the logo for our website, since the issue we are presenting has the right characteristic to be something very socially interesting. Nothing decided yet because this week, for the data collection, we needed to analyze Editorial and Magazines online to select the 10 designers that will be shown in the project. I worked on T Magazine, V magazine and Vogue.
I’m still following online classes and tutorials for D3.