Civil War Sound Group Update

This week, the group made several important strides achieving fairly solid progress. While much work remains, this week has been a good one in terms of important facets of the project. Initial explorations of ARCGIS demonstrated how it was possible to create dynamic and effective maps of Civil War battles. Of crucial importance was finally getting the python script just right. Anastasiya worked with several of the CUNY GC Digital Fellows to craft the script which could scrape the the American Civil War Letters and Diaries database for the the sound corpus (which we are still expanding) and for concordance, the words around the keyword. On the social media and outreach front, Myrna learned how to optimize the groups twitter reach using hashtags and setting up an organization on GIthub. She also set up meeting with experts, Digital fellows, and going to pertinent conferences to learn and network. The project manager worked on optimizing and maximizing the results that script can scrape and organize.

Project Manager

David Campmier