NYFW Group Post

This week Nico compiled model rosters of all 10 runway shows that we’re looking to feature in the data visualization. Now, with all of the information we have, Alison was able to organize our collected data into a master spreadsheet. Over the weekend I emailed Lauren Sherman, the New York editor of the Business of Fashion to see what their process was for pulling runway shots from Fashion Week. They feature lots of slideshows on their website, so it’ll be helpful if she’s able to lead us in the right direction. Like last week, we are still trying to find out which source is going to be the most useful to us to access the ethnicities of the models  who walked this season. This is going to be the biggest hurdle, and I feel like I can’t focus on our theory without getting over this hurdle. I fell like we’re a bit stagnant (which is no one’s fault) but I’m not worried about the final outcome of the project. I think It’ll be a good idea to put in more hours this week.