Civil War Group Update

The Civil War group had some progress this week. We are continuing our work on the script for the text documents in conjunction with our recently completed Sound Corpus. We have been working on in the meantime on a two front approach. The first is to work with the database to get more documents out of the current search functions. This has had some results. We will discuss them in depth on Tuesday. The second front has to deal with finding and working with the right kind of map. We have to choose between historical maps and representative maps (Google Maps, ARGIS ect.) Historical maps have the benefit of showing the battle as it appeared in 1863 but are inflexible for the programming functions we want to include such as locating sound on exact coordinates and zooming in and out. Representative maps have the opposite problem, often depicting the field as it looks today or have inaccuracies. We are still grappling with these issues.