SN personal update

Tuesday was the deadline for our group that determined whether or not we’d have to re-route the entire thing, and we did, so we met with Jennifer Tang that Thursday in hopes that she could pass on some guidance to us. We were able to come up with some great ideas based on the data that we weren’t able to access. We defined our project threads, so basically we’re going to create an essay style visual, something totally different than what we started out doing. For now, we’ve divided the project into three sections: Racial Categorization, Missing/Messy data and Tokenism. Each section will be led by a member of the group. At our meeting earlier today, we were able to get a lot of our thoughts on paper about our individual sections, which also came in handy when we were preparing the presentation for Tuesday’s class. At our next meeting, I think we agreed to start talking about how we’re going to visualize these sections.