Skin Deep group update

Last Thursday we had an extremely productive and thought inducing meeting with the GC Fellow, Jennifer Tang. That Tuesday was the deadline we created for ourselves in terms of getting the data from casting agencies that would supplement our project. Of course, we only heard back from one agency, so the meeting on Thursday was centered around the re-routing of our project. Jennifer helped us organize the threads of the project that we brainstormed on Tuesday, and organize them into what now will be our “essay style” visualization. We’ll be focusing on: racial categorization (the section Alison will be leading), missing/messy data (Nico will be leading this section) and Tokenism (I will be leading this section). Our ideas were born out of the data that we weren’t able to access and why.

We met again earlier today with fuller thoughts on each section that we were assigned. This made it easier to prepare for our presentation on Tuesday and also to start thinking about how we wanted to visualize the different elements of our project. I think at this week’s meeting, we’re going to talk some visualization. Jean suggested something called “Gephi,” so maybe that’s something we can explore at the meeting, or one of the fellows can elaborate on it so we can figure out how we can incorporate it into our project.